YoCrunch Pumpkin Pie Yogurt Review

So the pumpkin season has started, This year i plan on focusing on more of the healthier options available.  Trust me i have seen some things i have have been tempted to buy but the macros were terrible.

YoCrunch Pumpkin Pie Yogurt (found at Walmart)
Macros: 113g 120cal 2F 24C 3P 2fiber
like powdered sugar icing
Taste: Not stirred, the the yogurt taste of vanilla mixed with a tiny hint of pumpkin. Once stirred the yogurt since it has pumpkin on the bottom; is sweet with decent strength pumpkin flavor to it. It literally taste like you just dolloped canned pumpkin into vanilla yogurt. 
Overall: The yogurt tasted fine, the size of the container is a bit too small for my liking, though it is better than a few of the other brands out there but it comes off a bit candy-like. So this would be better for kids to enjoy.

Tony Kent: its too milky
DragonLady: not sure what I think….. I think there is way way too much pumpkin flavor…. almost tastes like it’s pumpkin liquior in it…. odd… So if you would like a review. I am going to say it’s okay. Would I buy it. Nope. 🙂

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What pumpkin item would you like for me to try next?
What is your favorite Pumpkin item?


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