Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereals Review

Kay’s Naturals Protein Cereals
Label advises: gluten free, kosher, Low GI, all natural

French Vanilla
Macros: 34g 120cal 1.5F 18C 12P 4fiber
Smell: it has a nice vanilla aroma
Taste: It has an amazingly strong vanilla flavor. i love that these are almost like Cheerios but better!
Overall: this cereal is great. i cannot wait to order another. i have had my eye on these for a long time and i am so happy i finally bought them.

0927151822 0927151822a

Apple Cinnamon
Macros: 34g 120cal 1.5F 19C 12P 4fiber
Smell: it has wonderful cinnamon and apple smell reminds me a bit of apple jacks
Taste: It is the love child between cheerios and granny smith apple crisp. i love this cereal!!!
Overall: this cereal taste amazing and i am over joyed with how amazing it taste. i prefer this one over the french vanilla, but both are great.

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Honey Almond
Macros: 34g 125cal 3.5F 15C 12P 4fiber
Smell: it doesn’t really have any scent to it
Taste: It is like the original cheerios cereal. just grains and no sweetness to it.
Overall: If you like plain, flavorless Cereal than this one is perfect for you.

1011151743 1011151743a

In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Apple Cinnamon
2: French Vanilla
3: Honey Almond

What is your favorite specialty cereal?
What is your all-time favorite cereal?


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