Entenmann’s Pumpkin Donuts Review

So the pumpkin season has started, This year i plan on focusing on more of the healthier options available.  Trust me i have seen some things i have have been tempted to buy but the macros were terrible. This is one of the items I did not want to purchase. Lucky me, my mother in law bought it and shared it with me! YAYAY!

Entenmann’s Pumpkin Donuts (found at Walmart)
Macros: 57g 220cal 10F 33C 2P <1fiber
like pumpkin and strongly of  pumpkin spice
Taste: loaf is super soft, moist, fluffy the glaze overpowers the entire donut where you only taste light sweet pumpkin flavor which reminds me more of candied yams. which is still good.
Overall: The the donut is beautifully light and moist and would be good to eat as long as you don’t mind that the pumpkin flavor is light but very sweet.

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What pumpkin item do you want to be tried next?


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