Funley’s Delicious Super Crackers Reviews

I received 2 different flavors of Funley’s Delicious Super Crackers from each of my subscription boxes so why not have a combined review.

Funley’s Delicious Super Crackers
Label advises: 100% natural, non-gmo, 7+ vitamins & minerals, contains 1 super-food, no trans fat, no artificial anything, kosher

Pizza n’ Stuff (Urthbox)
Macros: 20g 90cal 3F 14C 2P 0fiber
Super-food: Carrots
Smell: the crackers have a roasted tomato basil aroma
Taste: they are crispy, crunchy, great cracker texture. the flavor is nice and strong that taste like roasted tomatoes with sharp cheddar
Overall: it was surprisingly good in many ways.The strength of the flavor was my favorite part of this cracker which made these a true delight.

1010151104 1010151105

Cheddar n’ Stuff (Love With Food)
Macros: 20g 100cal 4F 12C 2P 0fiber
Super-food: Broccoli
Smell: the crackers have a strong cheddar aroma
Taste: they are a little crunch but soft, so it has a stale like texture to it. It has a light cheddar flavor that reminds me of a less salty toned down version of cheese-it crackers.
Overall: it was a bit of a disappointment. i was hoping it would offer a strong flavor like the pizza one above, but the stale texture to it and the timidness of the flavor was just too boring for me.

1010151102 1010151102a

In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Pizza n’ Stuff
2: Cheddar n’ Stuff

What is your favorite brand and flavor of crackers?


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