Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar Reviews

Zone Perfect Nutrition Bar
Label Advises: Kosher

Chocolate Peanut Butter
Macros:Ā 50g 210cal 7F 24C 14P 3fiber
Smell: it smells like a nutter butter bar but with a stronger peanut shell smell to it
Taste unmodified: It is crunchy, is like a chocolate covered granola bar. the milk flavor is light which reminds me of the chocolate coated pocky sticks and the peanut butter flavor even lighter. The granola texture kind of feels like it is tearing up the roof of my mouth šŸ˜¦
Taste heated (work): It the bar stayed whole, the chocolate melted, the granola texture felt as if it became rougher on the roof of my mouth and the peanut flavor came out a bit but tasted like slight roasted peanut shell.
Overall: this bar was a disappointment with light chocolate and no peanut flavor and the assault on the roof of my mouthĀ just added to the problems with this bar. i would not recommend this.

0928150654 0928150654a

Fudge Graham
Macros:Ā 50g 210cal 7F 23C 14P 3fiber
Smell: it smells like s’mores
Taste unmodified: It taste like s’mores also, i get rich chocolate, graham crackers and an extra sweetness that makes you think of marshmallow. crazy! the texture is great it does not assault the roof of my mouth, the chocolate layer is very smooth and soothing to the roof of my mouth.
Taste heated (work): It softened up a bit but took away from the flavor šŸ˜¦
Overall: this bar rocks!!!! i love the flavor cold and would get this again in a heart beat especially if i was craving s’mores. In all honesty this bar would rank number 1 in my s’more battle.

1007150711 1007150712a

Double Dark Chocolate
Macros:Ā 45g 190cal 6F 22C 12P 1fiber
Smell: it smells oh chocolate
Taste unmodified: It the dark chocolate takes control, very bitter sweet and tasty, the crispy part of the bar is not as painful as the chocolate peanut butter bar but is still gritty.
Taste heated (work): It did not warm up much (weird) the outer milk milted a little but the inside stayed cold. the flavor stayed the same and the texture got a little softer.
Overall: this flavor taste great, the texture is not murder on the roof of your mouth but it a a bit gritty and the chocolate crisp parts do get stuck a bit in your teeth.

0930150654 0930150654b

Chocolate Mint
Macros:Ā 50g 210cal 7F 24C 14P 3fiber
Smell: it smells like Andes mint and York peppermint patty had a baby
Taste unmodified: It is nice, crunchy, the mint is of decent strength reminds me of girls scout thin mint cookie. i am very happy!
Taste heated (work):Ā the chocolate melted a little, made the bar a easier to squeeze. The flavor and the crunchiness stayed the same
Overall: this bar is great, i love that it did not tear up the roof of my mouth and the mint flavor was the star of the show.


Sweet & Salty Cashew Pretzel
Macros:Ā 50g 210cal 7F 24C 14P 3fiber
Smell: it smells like peanut butter, caramel and pretzels
Taste unmodified: It is very crunchy since there are a lot of pretzel pieces through itĀ andĀ has a wonderful honey roasted peanut butter flavor. As for the texture, it hurts the roof of my mouth a little bit but the pain is tolerable.
Taste heated (work): It softens up since majority of the base is made up of peanut butter. TheĀ saltiness came through which made it a nice mix between sweet and salty. Which surprises me since i usually don’t like when i can taste the salt.
Overall: the bar is tasted surprisingly good, i would like to forewarn to not put this bar on paper towel, it is a bit sticky and the towel/ napkin will stick to it.


In orderĀ from what I liked the most to least:
1: Fudge Graham
2: Sweet & Salty Cashew Pretzel
3: Chocolate Mint
4: Double Dark Chocolate
5:Chocolate Peanut Butter

Have you ever tried the Zone Perfect bars? If so how was your experience with them?
What is your favorite Nutrition Bar?


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