Kay’s Naturals Protein Snacks Review

Kay’s Naturals Protein (found at Walgreen’s and Bodybuilding.com)
Label advises: gluten free, kosher, Low GI, all natural

Chips – Chili Nacho Cheese
Macros: 34g 120cal 2.5F 15C 12P 4fiber
Smell: it smells like spicy nacho seasoning (mouthwatering XD)
Taste: the cracker is very crispy though the cheese flavor doesn’t come through until you are about to swallow. as you eat more the cheese flavor comes out faster and then the chili seasoning starts to come out (4 crackers in). After the first 6 crackers the chili flavor is stronger and the cheese flavor follows close behind.
Overall: the chips started off weak but finished strong, though with how the strength of the flavor fluctuates i would not be able to eat this all the time. this is a good once in a while snack or if you are craving nacho’s this is a healthy and less messy alternative.


Pretzel Sticks – Cinnamon Toast
Macros: 34g 120cal 3.5F 15C 12P 4fiber
Smell: it smells like play-dough
Taste: It is very hard and crunchy, taste like burnt pretzels and the cinnamon is very light
Overall: this snack is not very appealing, i was hoping the cinnamon would be a bit stronger and the pretzels not be so hard.

1001150656 1001150656a 1001150656b

Cookie Bites – Cinnamon Almond
Macros: 34g 125cal 3.5F 15C 12P 4fiber
Smell: it has a wonderful strong cinnamon smell which reminds me of cinnamon french toast cereal
Taste: It is soft yet crunchy, the cinnamon flavor is nice and it reminds me of frosted mini-wheats but softer (like a little pillow)
Overall: this snack is very good, i am tempted to get another bag and put it in milk and see how it tastes like a cereal.

0928150703 0928150703a

In order from what I liked the most to least:
1: Cinnamon Almond Cookie Bites
2:Chili Nacho Cheese Chips
3: Cinnamon Toast Pretzels

What are some of your favorite snacks that save you when you are on the go?
Have you ever tried any specialty protein snacks? 


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