Balance Bar Collection Review

Balance Bar 
Label Advises: Low GI, Kosher, Antioxidants: Vitamins A,C & E

Chocolate Peanut Butter (gluten free, vegetarian, GI 19)
Macros: 50g 200cal 7F 22C 14P 1fiber
Smell: it smells like a Reese’s peanut butter cup
Taste unmodified: It is a dry chewy chocolate bar with barely any peanut butter flavor to it which is weird since it has small bits of peanuts in it. A few minutes after i finished the bar there was a very delayed dirty peanut aftertaste.
Taste heated (home): It becomes a chocolate mess though the flavor of the chocolate improves but there still is no peanut butter flavor to it 😦
Overall: this bar was a big let down, i expected as least some peanut flavor. if i wanted a chocolate bar i would eat the dark chocolate crunch bar which is far better than this one.


Peanut Butter (23 vitamins and minerals, GI 28)
Macros: 50g 200cal 7F 21C 15P <1fiber
Smell: it smells like peanut butter and the skippy double peanut butter bites
Taste unmodified: It is dry, chewy and tastes like powdered peanut butter put into bar form. the peanut flavor is not very strong.
Taste heated (home): It the smell went away, softer, still chewy. only flavor i get off it is like licking an old roasted peanut.
Overall: this bar is disappointing in flavor both heated and cold. i would not recommend this bar if you are a fan of peanut butter.
TonyKent: This was very disappointing, barley any flavor and it needs something crunchy like pretzel bits.

0927151741 0927151742a

Almond Brownie (gluten free, vegetarian, GI 23)
Macros: 50g 200cal 7F 21C 14P 2fiber
Smell: it smells very lightly of brownie
Taste unmodified: It taste like sugar free diet brownies with a prune aftertaste
Taste heated (work): the taste improves and becomes more like a brownie and the prune aftertaste goes away.
Overall: this taste much better warmed up but i am disappointing that the almond slices are only on the side and not through the bar
TonyKent: has too much brownie going on in this almond brownie variety lol. Too much brownie not enough almond and nuts

0916150701 0916150702b

Dark Chocolate Crunch (gluten free, vegetarian, GI 34)
Macros: 50g 180cal 6F 20C 13P 4fiber
Smell: it smells of a mix of cookie and dark chocolate.
Taste unmodified: It taste like chocolate rice crispy treat covered in dark chocolate. has a bit of a grainy texture that makes you feel like you have grit in your teeth
Taste heated (work): It becomes a melted chocolate, very soft mess. the chocolate flavor enhances but the dark chocolate flavor goes away. Still taste good.
Overall: the i would eat this again especially if i was really craving chocolate. It taste amazing.

0924150701a 0924150701c

S’mores (Vegetarian, GI 38)
Macros: 50g 200cal 7F 23C 14P 3fiber
Smell: it only smells of chocolate and a hint of graham cracker
Taste unmodified: It has a graham cracker marshmallow mix along with rice crispy texture to it  but the main flavor is lightly of chocolate.
Taste heated (work): It smells like a s’mores, the graham marshmallow layer puffed up and the rest of the bar fell apart completely but it tasted more like s’mores once heated.
Overall: this has a good flavor to it, its best way to be eaten would be heated. i would say it would rank in second place if i had put it in my S’mores battle

0925150658a 0925150700a

Dark – Dark Chocolate Peanut (gluten free, not low gi)
Macros: 45g 180cal 6F 20C 13P 4fiber
Smell: it smells only of the chocolate
Taste unmodified: It has nice crunch to it with light peanut flavor and the chocolate has a dark chocolate and slightly bitter taste to it.
Taste heated (work): the flavor did not change, just melted the chocolate on the bottom
Overall: this tasted just fine, nothing to amazing about it that would make me want to buy it again, but it tasted good.
Tony Kent: there is nothing special about the bar, it is a chocolate granola like bar with very little peanuts. the only peanut part was the single piece on top.

0915150719 0915150719a

Cookie Dough (Vegetarian, GI 24)
Macros: 50g 210cal 7F 22C 15P <1fiber
Smell: it smells of cheap chocolate and imitation dough
Taste unmodified: It taste of a chocolate coated stale biscuit with bits of chocolate chips
Taste heated (work): It is slightly mess with the chocolate coating but it became more like a under baked cookie feeling to it.
Overall: this bar taste alright, does not give me the cookie dough taste to it. It tasted better heated, though i would not eat this bar again.

0923150653 0923150654

Lemon Meringue Crunch (Vegetarian, GI 25)
Macros: 50g 200cal 7F 23C 14P 2fiber
Smell: it has a wonderful lemon smell
Taste unmodified: It has a nice crunch with light lemon flavor but it is not as appealing as i thought it would be.
Taste heated (home): the bar became melted white chocolate mush and it lost all flavor.
Overall: the bar is alright i wish the lemon flavor was a bit stronger.


Final Thoughts: i would not buy these bars again except for the Dark Chocolate Crunch Bar, other than that i would stay far away.

In order from what I liked the most to least:
1:Dark chocolate crunch bar
3:cookie dough
4:dark dark chocolate peanut
5: lemon meringue crunch
6: almond brownie
7: peanut butter
8: chocolate peanut butter

Have you ever tried Balance Bars? If so, which was your favorite?

Please leave any questions or comments below. Any and all feedback is appreciated, I want to make the reviews better for you. (The ability to leave Comments and Rating the post is open for everyone.)

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Remember to Keep Moving Forward – Corliss


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