Sunstart Quality Bakers Caramel Chocolate Desert Delights Review

Sunstart Quality Bakers
Label advises: vegetarian, gluten-free, egg-free

Caramel Chocolate Desert Delights
Macros: 30g 160cal 9F 18C 1P 1fiber
Smell: it has a coffee-caramel-ish smell to it
Taste unmodified: It hard to chew even though base of it is crumbly. it is hard to correctly desribe this, stale sugar cookie base with very light caramel flavor and the chocolate flavor is extremely light at the very end.
Overall: this is not the best snack i have had, i don’t like on how hard it is to chew and the cookie base takes away from the other flavors.
TonyKent: I am not a caramel fan but it melts in your mouth and in your hand XD. a bit difficult to bite into but that is because of the caramel.
Kmama: I MADE SUCH A MESS!! LOL, the bottom portion is very brittle and breaks easily. The caramel middle is very hard, and sticky. I wasn’t too big a fan with this one, it had a good taste but between the bottom falling off and the middle sticking to my teeth it wasn’t pleasant to eat.

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One thought on “Sunstart Quality Bakers Caramel Chocolate Desert Delights Review

  1. I have been able to buy Sunstart Caramel and Chocolate Dessert Delights at my Metro store in Canada. Now I cannot find this product.
    Please tell me where I can find this product in Toronto and Kingston, Ontario


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