Fiber One 90 Pumpkin Bar Review

So the pumpkin season has started, This year i plan on focusing on more of the healthier options available.  Trust me i have seen some things i have have been tempted to buy but the macros were terrible.

Fiber One 90 Pumpkin Bar (found at Wegmans $2.79) (kosher)
Macros: 25g 90cal 2.5F 18C 0.9P 5fiber
like pumpkin bread
Taste: the bar is soft, thick, moist texture and strong pumpkin bread flavor with semi sweetness from the drizzle that comes at the very end which is very good.
Taste Heated: It smells like fresh baked pumpkin bread that became even more moist and the frosting becomes stronger and turns this more into a desert.
Overall: This is a great bar, i am tempted to go out and buy another box since i had been looking for this for weeks!

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Please leave any questions or comments below. Any and all feedback is appreciated, i want to make the reviews better for you. (The ability to leave Comments is open for everyone.)

What pumpkin item do you want to be tried next?

Remember to Keep Moving Forward – Corliss


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