Lucy’s Snack ‘n Go Packs Review

Lucy’s Snack ‘n Go Packs 
Label advises: non-gmo, all natural, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, nut free
Found: TjMaxx $4.00

0912150835 0912150835a

Chocolate Chip
Macros: 32g 130cal 5F 20C 2P 2fiber (3 cookies)
Smell: it smells like a peanut butter cookie
Taste unmodified: It is a sugar cookie with very little amount of chocolate chips, when you get the chip it brings the whole cookie flavor together.
Taste heated: It remained crunchiness, removed the sugar cookie flavor but brought the chocolate chip cookie flavor together better.
Overall: the cookie was good with its dual flavors and is enjoyable even though there is not that many chocolate chips in it.
Tony Kent; this cookie taste better than the chocolate cookie, it is like a pleasantly sweet chips ahoy cookie
Kmama: Also a nice taste, perfect balance of cookie, and choc chip

0912150858 0912150859

Chocolate Cookie
Macros: 32g 130cal 5F 20C 2P 2fiber (3 cookies)
Smell: it smells lightly of chocolate
Taste unmodified: It has a nes-quick chocolate flavor to it which makes it remind me of my childhood.
Taste heated: It made the cookie stale-ish, and it took away from the chocolate flavor when you chew the cookie but returns once you swallow.
Overall: the cookie is great all around and i love that it reminds me of when i used to make chocolate milk using nes-quick but in a cookie form.
TonyKent: this taste like boring cocoa
Kmama: DELISH, it had a great chocolate taste, and was moist in the center. (Would be good with peanut butter chips too) VERY GOOD, Favorite cookie of the day!

0912150900 0912150900a

Maple Bliss
Macros: 32g 120cal 4.5F 18C 2P 1fiber (3 cookies)
Smell: it has a maple, cinnamon and gingerbread smell
Taste unmodified: It very dry and crunchy, taste like a sweet maple gingerbread goockie
Taste heated: It made it a bit stale-ish, but strengthened the maple flavor.
Overall: the this is a good cookie, very crumbly, and the maple flavor is there no matter how it was eaten.
TonyKent: I really enjoyed this cookie, it tastes like I ate a syrupy pancake
Kmama:  Very good taste, just a hint of maple, not overwhelming. It was a little hard, that may be from sitting on my desk for the morning though.

0912150902 0912150902a

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