I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Clusters Chocolate Sea Salt Review

I received this product directly from I Heart Keenwah

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Clusters Chocolate Sea Salt (gluten free, kosher)
Macros: 28g 130cal 6F 18C 3P 2fiber
Smell: it smells of grains and nuts
Taste: It is very crunchy and hard to bite into for me. I only taste the Quinoa and don’t get the chocolate or salt
Heated:  The texture did not change but the chocolate and the sea salt flavors really popped out for me. had a ore baked flavor for me afterwards.
Overall: I have seen these in stores and was hesitant on buying a bag, i was super excited when received this in the mail. After trying it, i am curious on what the other clusters taste like. I have been sharing these with my co-workers  and liking the mixed reviews that i have received so far.
Tony Kent: these are hard as rocks. i can only taste the grains and nuts. these were okay i guess.
Lady Dragon: Very tasty……. Crunchy and you really get the sea salt bite at the end….. I like
Kmama: This was very hard to bite into but i have noticed that with a lot of gluten free foods. i like the added sweetness of the chocolate at the end.
Anonymous Female Co-worker: I really like these i was able to taste the chocolate and the salt, thank you for sharing with me.

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