Entenmann’s Pumpkin Loaf Review

So the pumpkin season has started, This year i plan on focusing on more of the healthier options available.  Trust me i have seen some things i have have been tempted to buy but the macros were terrible. This is one of the items I did not want to purchase. Lucky me, my mother in law bought it and shared it with me! YAYAY!

Entenmann’s Pumpkin Loaf (found at Walmart)
Macros: 46g 170cal 8F 25C 2P 0fiber
like pumpkin and strongly of  pumpkin spice
Taste: loaf is super soft, moist, fluffy  i can get a buttery flavor to it  but i cannot taste the pumpkin. 😦
Overall: The the loaf is beautifully light and moist and would be good to eat as long as you don’t mind that you cannot taste the pumpkin flavor.
TonyKent: this is wonderful cake, the pumpkin flavor is very subtle.
Fawkes: oh it is soft like a pillow. it smells very good. twas good. super light. tastes pumpkin-y and something else… cant put my finger on it. almost lemony? but not? hmm
LadyDragon: I enjoyed this.  Very lite..  A lot of Pumpkin Flavor.

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Please leave any questions or comments below. Any and all feedback is appreciated, i want to make the reviews better for you. (The ability to leave Comments is open for everyone.)

What pumpkin item do you want to be tried next?

Remember to Keep Moving Forward – Corliss


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