What I eat on a Saturday – September 12th, 2015

I realized i was only showing you what i eat during the week which i always have pre-planned, so i want to share with you on how i eat on the weekend (mainly Saturdays). My meals on weekends are not planned out and usually contain foods that i have been wanting throughout the week.  Majority of my weekends there are maybe 2 recipes that i may use the most. I tend to always have some sort of protein fluff or pancakes.

Lets see how this Saturday turned out:

Cutting to the chase now, i have a brief summery on how to decipher the meal nick names, if the meal was a recipe, and a rough idea on when the food was actually consumed since i just randomly put the food in my tracker and not caring if it placed with the correct meal nick name,

Breakfast is actually Breakfast  where i purposely chose the most unhealthy thing that i have been wanting to eat. I have a bunch of snacks that i plan on trying, reviewing and sharing with my co-workers. So I decided that i would try everything all at once. Grab and go-oatmeal packs, gluten free cookies, gluten free desert snack, HawkMan’s homemade oat bran muffin topped with buff bake peanut butter, and a balance bar.
Lunch is actually my dinner that i ate at 6pm. it is an egg white omelette (seasoned with crushed red pepper and kernel seasons) with cheese in the middle and topped with ketchup.
Dinner is actually my 2nd meal of the day, i was craving cake so i made a strawberry beltsander mug cake.

sat 91215 bld

Snacks are my vitamins that i take daily, shown just because i am a bit OCD on tracking
2nd meal is my lunch where i wanted ice cream so i had an Enlightened Peanut Butter Ice Cream bar which i am in love with.
4th meal is actually my 6th meal of the day where i was craving something sweet but was not sure on what i wanted. ended up the Yasso Sea Salt Caramel Ice Cream bar fit perfectly into my day.
6th meal is actually my 4th meal of the day where i had another egg white omelet with tofurky pepperoni slices in it with crushed red pepper and kernel seasons seasoning, with cheese in the center and topped with ketchup.

sat 91215 s246

If you like this please let me know and i will make this a weekly thing. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and I look forward in getting to connect more with you.

Remember to Keep Moving Forward – Corliss


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