Digiorno thin & crispy pizza Tomato Mozzarella w/ Pesto Review

Digiorno thin & crispy pizza Tomato Mozzarella w/ Pesto

Macros: 1/2 pizza 162g 350cal 17F 34C 10P 2fiber
Taste: crispy thin crust, decent amount of cheese has light sauce with cut tomatoes that add a freshly made pizza vibe to it because it is moist and has a bit of a refreshing aftereffect to it.
Husbands opinion: i didn’t get a piece of pesto on mine but my husband swears it must be spinach, he questioned the red chucks on the pizza as well and i had to explain it was tomatoes. after given a look as if i am crazy/ trying to poison him. he took a bite and continued to glare at me. after he ate 90% ¬†of the pizza he told me it was ok, with a scowl on his face he said the tomatoes were watery and still thinks the pizza had spinach on it, liked that the sauce was not sweet and that it would be okay if i bought this again.
Overall: I enjoyed this and glad my super picky husband gave it a nod after giving me a hard time about it XD i also love that half the pizza is only 350cal so my husband won’t feel as bad that he eats 90% of the pizza and that i can enjoy the food with him also.

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