Cuorenero Macaroon with Lemon filling Review

Cuorenero Macaroon  (gluten free) 
Almond Meringues with a Lemon natural flavour cream filling (made in Italy, found at TJMaxx $4)
Macros: 14g 70cal 3F 8C 1P 0fiber
Smell: it vanilla nilla wafers and lemons
Taste: It is super soft, the cream has a nice natural lemon flavor with a hint of vanilla from the macaroons.
Overall: this is very nice, i am second guessing if i want to share this with my co-workers since i am a lemon fiend and i want them all for myself. XD

TonyKent: The macaroon was good it was a little sweet for me but it only has 8g of sugar which surprised me. I really enjoyed the natural lemon flavor, overall this was super tasty and enjoyable. (ended up having 2 macaroons)

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