High Protein Applesauce Pancakes Base Recipe

Time for Pancake fun time!

Today i decided i was going to have a Applesauce party with my pancakes and i wanted to share the result with you.

High Protein Applesauce Pancake Base Recipe
Macros for 2 large pancakes: 219cal 1F 13C 39P 4fiber

3 large egg whites
57g unsweetened applesauce
40g protein powder of choice
.5tsp baking powder

Mix all together, the batter will look normal.  Cook like you normally make pancakes, it will turn out the same.

0906151829 0906151837

Afterwards i made a large PB&J  pancake sandwich. The end result i normal looking pancakes that will be very moist 🙂  The pancakes take on the flavor of the protein powder that you use and are filling, you cannot taste the applesauce at all.

0906151840 0906151840a 0906151845

Please let me know if you give this recipe a try and feel free to share with me how it came out for you.


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