MyProtein Cookie Double Chocolate Chunk Review

This is a food and customer service review.

MyProtein Cookie Double Chocolate Chunk

Macros: 75g 320cal 10F 20C 37.5P 1fiber
Smell: it reminds me of a brownie mixed with chocolate cookie
Taste unmodified: It very dry, dense and has artificial chocolate taste with prune aftertaste. while chewing it, it is very gritty and makes my teeth feel like they are dirty. On my second try, i topped it with peanut butter but it did not help the taste at all ūüė¶
Taste heated (work): It made the cookie much softer but made the flavor worst.  On my second try i heated the cookie for 8 seconds, topped it with peanut butter and it made the cookie taste better.
Overall: i am disappointed with the cookie, i plan on finishing them off hoping peanut butter will make the taste better. I do not plan on buying these again. I will stick with Lenny and Larry complete cookies.

Tony Kent: it is bleh, but it is ok. I only want to eat them for the high amount of protein

Picture0829152002_3 Picture0829152002_4

Customer Service Review:

I would like to give you an insight to the recent customer service experience i have had with Myprotein.  When it comes to ordering and the time between shipping and receiving the items you order, the service is great. I have gotten items within 2-3 days of ordering them.  Though when you talk to customer service through live chat or e-mails while logged into their site is where problems happen.

I was given incorrect information  through Live Chat that i had followed for 3 weeks waiting for an item to come in stock. I contacted the e-mail team asking what was going on, only to be told that they no longer do what i had originally inquired about.

The e-mail team apologized and said they would do something for me as a courtesy. Another 3 weeks pass and i ask the e-mail team if everything was alright, i am told that they are in the UK and i should receive the item soon.

So i contact live chat to advise my confusion and i am told they will get back to me when the original person who assisted me gets in and they will e-mail me……..well lets just say its been longer than a week and they still have not gotten back to me. Terrible!

So i suggest just stick to ordering  and never ask any questions; it will just be a confusing mess and a lot of let downs.

Please leave any questions or comments below. Any and all feedback is appreciated, i want to make the reviews better for you. (The ability to leave Comments and Rating the post is open for everyone.)

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Remember to Keep Moving Forward – Corliss


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