Skippy P.B Bites Pretzel & Double Peanut Butter Review

Skippy PB Bites  (Found at walmart for $2.98 located on the side end cap in the peanut butter isle

Caution: label advises that this could be a choking hazard for children under the age of 3 and to supervise children under the age of 6

Double Peanut Butter
Macros: 30g 160cal 10F 14F 5P 0fiber  (10 pieces)
Smell: it has stronger smell of Pb than the pretzel bites
Taste: It has a nice amount of double peanut butter action, part of one section is salty and the other is sweet.
Overall: the texture and taste is good, and i found myself wanting more of it. i am a peanut butter fiend and i could easily eat the entire container.
Tony Kent: Yum! taste pretty much the same as the pretzel, just not crunchy… I like crunchy XD
Fawkes: it is good, thought i thought it would be smooth, but it is nice and chunky. It is a much more convenient way to eat peanut butter. i really enjoy this.
LadyDragon: LOVED. Nice explosion of peanut butter. Crunchy, creamy and delish. Bottom line is I would purchase these.


Macros: 30g 160cal 10F 13F 5P 0fiber  (15 pieces)
Smell: it only smells of peanut butter XD
Taste: It has a nice soft texture at first and when you bite it, it has a soft crunch. it is a bit salty but not overdone.
Overall: i like how its the opposite of a pretzel that is peanut butter filled, where the surprise is the light crunch of the lightly salted pretzel. that makes the treat go from soft and smooth to crunchy. The different felling makes you want to eat more in order to fully get a grasp on the new sensation.
Tony Kent: These are wonderful. They’re like a round, tolerable butterfinger. I need more of these!
Fawkes: It is a good mix between peanut butter and pretzel and is not dry. i prefer the double peanut butter better.
LadyDragon:They were okay but very dry. Nice mix of Pretzel and PB. Nice Crunch.

Picture0902151821_4 Picture0902151821_3

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