I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs Aged Cheddar Review

Another Fun Item from August Urthbox

I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs Aged Cheddar (gluten free, kosher)

Macros: 43g 190cal 8F 23C 7P 2fiber
Smell: it has strong aged cheddar smell (old powdered cheese)
Taste: It is very crunchy with texture of a stale tortilla chip, the flavor is a bit strong with an artificial cheese taste
Overall: I have seen these in stores and was hesitant on buying a bag, i was super excited when i saw these in my Urthbox. After trying it, i am glad i did not buy a bag. I was unable to finish the bag before the taste got to bad for me to continue. i would not buy these.

Tony Kent: Using the word “puffs” is a bit deceiving these are much harder to chew. I like the seasoning though, it is better than other “puffed” products i have had.


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2 thoughts on “I Heart Keenwah Quinoa Puffs Aged Cheddar Review

  1. Thanks for trying these, sorry to hear you weren’t a fan! I just wanted to point out that although you felt the cheddar flavor tasted artificial, we do make these snacks with real aged cheddar. I hope you’ll try our other flavors such as Sweet Chili, Sea Salt Truffle or Herbes de Provence as each flavor is very different from the others.

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    • I will defiantly look for the Sweet Chili. My Co-worker loved the Aged Cheddar and finished off the bag. I greatly appreciate your comment and i will keep an eye out for the other flavors. 🙂


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