GNC Puredge Protein Bar Reviews

GNC Puredge Protein Bar

Rich Chocolate Cake

Macros: 57g 200cal 8F 20C 20P 15fiber

Smell: it smells like German chocolate cake

Taste unmodified: It is very hard to chew; taste like German chocolate cake with grittiness that i think might be coconut pieces i am nut sure, though the chocolate taste is a bit bitter

Taste heated (work): the bar becomes much softer, the smell and taste did not change from it being heated up.

Overall: this would be a good bar if i liked German chocolate cake, but i don’t. i am glad i tried it but i would not buy it again.


Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Macros: 57g 200cal 8F 21C 20P 15fiber

Smell: it screams peanut butter cookie at me so i am excited

Taste unmodified: It is hard to chew but it taste like a peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips in it.

Taste heated (work): the peanut butter gains an artificial taste and the chocolate chunks melt easily but the chocolate flavor is not good, kind of a Palmer chocolate.

Overall: the bar is good when eaten straight out of the wrapper. heating this bar up completely ruined it. I would eat this again but i would not go out of my way to buy it again.


If you have tried the GNC Puredge Protein Bars please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

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Remember to Keep Moving Forward – Corliss


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