Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder Chocolate Review

In continuing my week of trying as many Vegan items as possible.

Vega Sport Performance Protein Powder Chocolate

Label advises: Vegan, Gluten free, BCAA’s

Macros: 36g 134cal .7F 6.2C 25P 1.5fiber

Smell: it smells like chocolate and spinach, powder has no taste on its own??

Taste Beltsander: i added liquid stevia to it, heated it for 99 seconds and then 22 seconds. It had the same hot pudding-like texture that the other vegan powders i have tried. It tasted like 75% Cocoa chocolate and did not have any graininess to it.

Overall: it taste pretty good. i think that the beltsanders would probably come out more cake like if i added flour of some sort, but i don’t want to do that and i have grown into liking the pudding-like / not fully cooked texture of this. Its kind of like eating partially baked brownies.


Recipe below is what i put in the beltsander except i topped it with the peanut butter.

vega sport

If you have tried the Vega Sport Protein Powder  please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

Please feel free to provide feedback below and rate this post how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you. (Please note that the ability to leave Comments and Rating the post is open for everyone, so please take a moment to do so for I truly want to hear from you.)


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