Quest Bar Collection Review

I had previously tried all the Quest bars in 2014 and i kept track of my thoughts on excel sheets (nerd alert XD ), so i figured i would share with you. Please note that this review will have pictures found online in it since i did not take any picture of the bars at the time that i had originally tried these.

I will be grouping the quest bars based on the total amount of Calories since all bars have serving size of 60g. I will also indicate if it is a solid bar or if it has chunks in it.

Quest Bars 160 Calories

Strawberry Cheesecake (Solid)
Macros: 5F 25C 20P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is very tasty, has a great strawberry taste to it
Taste Heated: it loses a bit of its flavor
Overall: I really liked this one and i would rotate with a few of the other flavors

Chocolate Peanut Butter (Solid)
Macros: 5F 25C 20P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is a bit hard to chew but it is like a nutty tasty cake brownie
Taste Heated: (i will need to revisit this one)
Overall: I enjoyed the flavor and thought this would be a good treat if i was craving chocolate.

Lemon Cream Pie (Solid)
Macros: 5F 26C 20P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: Delightful – strength of lemon is just right.
Taste Heated: the bar was still just as delightful and the flavor did not change.
Overall: Is another rotated Favorite that i can easily eat either hot or cold. Plus this is my go-to item when i want something lemony and I am a sucker for lemon. XD

Quest Bars 170 Calories

Chocolate Brownie (Solid)
Macros: 6F 24C 20P 19fiber
Taste Unmodified: it hard, dry chewy brownie.
Taste Heated: it taste/smells like fresh brownie
Overall: It was alright but i was not blown away by it. i would choose this one if all my favorites were sold out.

Cinnamon Roll (Solid)
Macros: 6F 25C 20P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is very smooth, taste strong cinnamon, surprisingly good.
Taste Heated: it comes close to a real cinnamon roll but sadly no frosting.
Overall: Another one of my faves that I rotate through.

Quest Bars 180 Calories

S’mores (Chunks)
Macros: 8F 23C 20P 13fiber
Taste unmodified: It taste like a freshly made s’mores from the camp fire but cold . yum!!
Taste heated (work): It loses abit of the chocolate flavor but it is still good.
Toasted (using Bagel conveyor belt): Gives it a more realistic taste since the graham cracker part toasts up a bit.
Overall: this can be eaten in any variation and it will be good. i think i am in love. I bought a box of these!


Apple Pie (little Chunks)
Macros: 5F 25C 20P 18fiber
Taste Unmodified: it has light flavor with tiny shreds of apple in it
Taste Heated: ( I will have to return to this one)
Overall: It was not that bad, but i would not get it again …unless to try it heated XD

Double Chocolate Chunk (Chunks)
Macros: 8F 23C 20P 13fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is Hard,dry, and has bad aftertaste
Taste Heated: it has a very slight improvement
Overall: I did not enjoy this one at all 😦

Banana Nut muffin (Solid)
Macros: 8F 22C 20P 13fiber
Taste Unmodified: it tasted fine, no real flavor to right home about it tasted like a banana muffin.
Taste Heated: (i would need to return to this one)
Overall: It tasted good and was quite filling but i would not want this one again.

Quest Bars 190 Calories

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough (Chunks)
Macros: 8F 21C 21P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is a healthy cookie dough! I am in love!
Taste Heated: it is better than a fresh cookie!
Taste Baked: it is still amazing! taste like a normal cookie!
Overall: It is one of my favorites i love it every way possible! i bought an entire box!

Mint Chocolate Chunk (Chunks)
Macros: 9F 21C 20P 15fiber
Taste Unmodified: it smells amazing, just like girl scout thin mint and taste just as good.
Taste Heated: the flavor goes away just a little bit but does not hinder this delight at all.
Taste Baked: i practically fell over with joy when i had this baked. oh if i only coated it in chocolate it would put girl scout cookies out of business
Overall: I love this, i love that it doesn’t flare up my allergy to mint, I happily got a box of this too!

White Chocolate Raspberry (Chunks)
Macros: 8F 23C 20P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: one word!  ADDICTION!! this has such wonderful white chocolate taste and the raspberry just through me over the edge,
Taste Heated: it this taste just as amazing, super soft and warm.
Overall: Is my all time favorite, i would bite, stab and even tackle someone over this bar.

Vanilla Almond Crunch (tiny almond Chunks)
Macros: 8F 21C 20P 18fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is Amazing!! and i absolutely Loved it! i am not sure if it is the vanilla or teh almond or the perfect combination between the two but this is magical to me.
Taste Heated: it is okay, but doesn’t pack the punch as straight out of the wrapper
Overall: Another one of my favorites, i could eat this one and white chocolate raspberry all day.

Cookies n Cream (Chunks)
Macros: 9F 20C 21P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is ok, a bit hard to chew into, it has a bit of an oreo taste to it but it makes my teeth feel very dirty
Taste Heated: it improved the flavor a bit and got rid of the grittiness
Overall: I thought it was ok, i just don’t like the weird feeling it leaves on my teeth,

Mixed Berry Bliss (some Chunks)
Macros: 91F 21C 20P 14fiber
Taste Unmodified: It was a bit refreshing and had a decent taste to it, i liked the fruit parts as well.
Overall: It was nothing too crazy as all, it was a bit refreshing but due to my loved ones allergy’s to certain fruits i do not bring this into my house.

Coconut Cashew (some nut Chunks)
Macros: 8F 22C 20P 14fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is tasty and refreshing with the coconut, has a few cashew pieces in it,
Taste Heated: the flavor did not change
Overall: I felt that it was ok, nothing too special. but it didn’t taste bad.

Quest Bars 200 Calories

Peanut butter & Jelly (Solid)
Macros: 10F 21C 20P 17fiber
Taste Unmodified: it is very smooth with its flavor, it has a good mix between the two flavors that i enjoyed
Taste Heated: (i will need to return to this one)
Overall: I enjoyed this bar and would happily get it again and try it in other ways,

Peanut Butter Supreme (some nut chunks)
Macros: 10F 20C 20P 14fiber
Taste Unmodified: it tasted like peanuts but had a bad aftertaste
Overall: I was not pleased with this bar at all and i would not get it again

Please feel free to provide feedback below and rate this post how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you. (Please note that the ability to leave Comments and Rating the post is open for everyone, so please take a moment to do so for I truly want to hear from you.)


2 thoughts on “Quest Bar Collection Review

  1. Corliss,
    You and I seem to be one of the very few who disliked the double chocolate chunk flavor. I knew there was an aftertaste!
    Anyway, I agree with you, except for the chocolate pb flavor. I felt like the pb was lost and the chocolate was a bit bland.
    Lol. I liked the banana one alot ,but of course, I love bananas!
    I will need to try the raspberry white chocolate but I’ve been afraid to since I find raspberries too tart.


    • I am glad you feel the same way about the double chocolate. Though I will have to give the pb another try. I am a pb fanatic so I ecspect a super strong flavor lol. The raspberry one is super sweet to me though I have not tried any of the bars since their change in formula so I don’t know what to expect either. Eeeep. Though I am with you on tartness of raspberries when eating them as a fruit. Though I have an addiction to dark chocolate raspberry candies. Though they are not easily accessible as I would like 😆. Thanks so much for the feedback I appreciate it tremendously


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