Tabasco Chocolate Review

Tabasco Chocolate  (found at bed bath and beyond)

Macros: 28g 150cal 8F 17C 1P 2fiber

Smell: it smells like dark chocolate

Taste : It had good quality dark chocolate, when you first eat it you are looking for the heat which you don’t get at all while you are chewing the chocolate, the Spiciness comes when you swallow the chocolate, which is pretty decent and not too hot. The spice does linger for a few minutes after you swallow the chocolate if you do not drink anything. It is a nice surprise at the end and very enjoyable.

Tony Kent: when i first saw the bar in the wrapper i was thinking that it would be red and coated in hot sauce, but it wasn’t. the chocolate is good and has a nice kick at the end. I would eat this again.


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