S’mores Protein Bar 4-way Battle Reviews

I had a craving to eat s’mores so i decided i would try out as many S’mores Bars that i could find. May the S’mores Battle begin!

Pure Protein Bar S’mores (gluten free)

Macros: 50g 200cal 5F 19C 19P 0fiber

Smell: it smells like a s’mores with maybe a hint of coffee

Taste unmodified: I tried to bend/ break it in half but it would not budge. It was VERY very Very chewy, took a good minute trying to chew my first bite. It was hard to pin point the flavors due to excessive chewing.

Taste heated (work): Much easier to eat and the graham cracker and marshmallow flavors became more apparent and the melted chocolate flavor faded into the background.

Overall: It looked horrible but I think that is due to it being shipped to me in 90 degree weather and the excessive chewiness was a bit too much to handle, but once it was heated things got a lot better.  Would I buy this again? Unfortunately, I will not.


Universal Hi Protein Bar S’mores

Macros: 85g 270cal 4F 33C 32P <1fiber

Smell: it is like a recess peanut butter cup with graham crackers

Taste unmodified: Instantly get the Palmer chocolate taste along with graham crackers. the chewiness is that of a chocolate covered marshmallow.

Taste heated (work): the chocolate improves but the bar continues to be a marshmallow textured chocolate covered graham cracker.

Overall: the flavor is good, i enjoyed the heated version much better and i would choose this bar over the Pure Protein bar.


Luna Bar S’mores (gluten free, low gi)

Macros: 48g 180cal 5F 28C 9P 1fiber

Smell: it smells like a granola bar with hint of graham crackers

Taste unmodified: It is just like Quaker s’mores granola bar but softer to chew. the strength of the flavor is light but it is good.

Taste heated (home): it smells more like a s’more but the bar completely fell apart and the flavor diminished

Overall: this was quite tasty, tasted better than the Universal bar. This is  a healthier substitute to Quaker granola bar, i just wish this had higher protein.


Quest Protein Bar S’mores

Macros: 60g 180cal 8F 23C 20P 13fiber

Smell: it smells of graham crackers and marshmallows with a hint of chocolate

Taste unmodified: It taste like a freshly made s’mores from the camp fire but cold . yum!!

Taste heated (work): It loses abit of the chocolate flavor but it is still good.

Toasted (using Bagel conveyor belt): Gives it a more realistic taste since the graham cracker part toasts up a bit.

Overall: this can be eaten in any variation and it will be good. i think i am in love.


Rankings: Quest -> Luna -> Universal -> Pure Protein

Please feel free to provide feedback below and rate this post how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you. (Please note that the ability to leave Comments and Rating the post is open for everyone, so please take a moment to do so for I truly want to hear from you.)


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