Light Life Gimme Lean Ground Sausage & Tofurkey HotDogs Reviews

This is the start of my adventure of being Vegan-curious and these are the first two meat substitute items i tried.

Light Life Gimme Lean Ground Sausage Style

Macros: 56g 60cal 0F 7C 7P 3fiber

Smell: it smells like pumpkin and spices.. strange! lol

Look: It is a bit orange and reminds me of the fake tan color

Cooked: It crumpled mine up and made it like ground sausage, and i was surprised it tasted just like normal all beef sausage.


Tofurky Hot Dogs

Macros: 40g 100cal 4.5F 5C 10P 1fiber

Smell: it reminds me of a mix between bbq sauce and Turkey hot dogs

Cooked: it taste like turkey jerky, yum XD


If you have tried either these products please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

Please feel free to provide feedback and rate on how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you.


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