Paleo Protein Bar Review

Paleo Protein Bar Chocolate Brownie 

Macros: 60.6g 190cal 7F 25C 20P 22fiber

Smell: it smells like a prepackaged brownie
Taste unmodified: It taste like arse, just bad, and kinda rotten. it also has a weird slime on it
Taste heated (work): It became very greasy but the flavor did improve, now the rotten taste is just a whispering aftertaste
Overall: I truly considered throwing the bar away but heating it up saved it by a hair. it does not feel good in my hand between it being slimy when its gold or extremely greasy when heated. i am happy i did not buy any more of them. ick.. no thank you.


If you have tried the Paleo Protein Bars please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

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