IPS Chips with Protein Reviews

IPS Chips with Protein

Label advises: Puffed Corn and protein snack made from whey and egg whites. Gluten Free and Non-Gmo


Macros: 28g 125cal 4F 17C 6P <1fiber

Smell: it smells like bbq sauce

Taste: It starts off tasting like lightly diluted bbq chips, but as you keep eating there is a bit of a spice kick to it which made me love them. ❤

Tony Kent: it is good, i give it a two thumbs up


White Cheddar

Macros: 28g 130cal 4.5F 16C 6P <1fiber

Smell: it smells like powdered cheese

Taste: It taste like aged white cheddar,  the first bite taste a little odd at first but as you keep eating the flavor transforms and taste like a grilled cheese sandwich, I like them. though after a while the flavor can get a bit tiresome.

Tony Kent: it was a nice attempt at a white cheddar treat, but tastes like wall plaster



Macros: 28g 130cal 4F 18C 6P <1fiber

Smell: it smells like cinnamon and wall plaster

Taste: It reminds me of semi stale cinnamon toast cereal

Tony Kent: it taste like cinnamon toast crunch and a gum that is cinnamon flavored i cannot remember the gum


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