High Protein Ice Cream Recipe

Here is my most recent protein fluff recipe to get it to be more of a soft serve slightly melted ice cream consistency.  It is extremely filling and amazing to eat on those hot days!

Macros: 352cal 5F 30C 49P 8fiber

68g protein powder of choice ( i used 34g peanut butter and 34g banana)
150g frozen fruit of choice (i used strawberries)
5 ice cubes
.5tsp xanthum gum
8g sugar free fat free pudding mix (i used 4g vanilla and 4g chocolate)
3oz milk or liquid of choice (i used silk vanilla unsweetened almond milk)

1: put ice and fruit in blender and pulse it a little bit (3-4 times) to get the ice and fruit broken up in order to make the process much easier
2: add in the rest of the ingredients and blend your hear out
3: Once you are done it will be super thick! you can always add more liquids if you want the mixture to be thinner. Mine came out like soft serve ice cream.
4: once you transfer into a large bowl or remove the blades and just eat it out of the blender, feel free to add any toppings of your choice, i used 10g kamut puffs.


Please rate this post or leave feedback on how helpful this recipe was for you. Let me know if you give this a try and what ingredients you used.


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