Home Workouts

This page is mainly to share with you some simple at home workouts that i follow.


Sara Solomon videos, she is very funny and i enjoy doing her videos. Majority are 4 min Tabata work outs that i usually have to repeat 3-4 times. She also created a back on track Monday’s routine also that i have not tried yet.

Fitness Blender has a ton of videos that you can search to fit your specific needs.


I currently do majority of my work outs from Darebee  since I slipped a disk and pinched a nerve. These workouts are easy to do when starting from the beginning. The site offers many levels so you can go at your own pace.

The first program i started once my doctor game me permission to start exercising at a very low impact level is a Light Foundation Body Weight Workout which really pushed me and helped my physical therapy quite well. There were only a few exercise that i had to modify because i could not perform the original move.

I am currently (8/14/15) working on a 30 Day Cardio Blast program that is kicking my arse but i am loving every second of it.

Please feel free to give these a try and pace yourself, keep pushing yourself to do your best and never give up. If you need to take a breather, then take a breather and then tell yourself you can finish it! it is what i do. 🙂

Please let me know if you try any of these work outs and how you feel about them. Also, please rate this page and let me know if you found it helpful at all.

For a more go at your own pace work out plans i get from Darebee.

My current plan i am doing is a 30 day cardio plan that i am doing is from Darebee and it is kicking my arse. XD

When i slipped my disk that pinched a nerve i had to start over from scratch and found that a very low impact work out that i was able to modify to help me regain strength and break a sweat also i followed a Light Foundation plan that worked wonders with my movement restrictions.

If you give any of these a try let me know, or if you have some other helpful sites you like to use please feel free to share.


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