Quest Protein Powder Reviews

So I thought of a fun way to test out all the quest protein powders but not by drinking them (soo boring!), I want to try them all as beltsander brownies!!!! I swear i am not addicted to them, not at all.. XD. I was an odd ball like i always am and ordered just 1 packet of all the flavors except vanilla.. why, i don’t know i just never want to try the vanilla.

Note: each beltsander except the chocolate one is made with:
1 packet of the quest protein flavor
5g flax seed
.5tsp baking powder
1 large egg white
2oz milk
40oz pumpkin puree
100g strawberries (not in Salted Caramel)


Salted Caramel
Macros (Powder): 28g 100cal 0F 3C 22P <1fiber
Smell: In package was very wonderful, made me want to just eat the powder like old fashion dip sticks (aka lick your finger and stick it in the powder and repeat)
Taste: the beltsander blondie was absolutely wonderful and the aroma was just heavenly, i put a dove chocolate on the inside so it was like an inside out chocolate caramel chew, so i fell in love immediately! (picture is before i nuked it, since the after picture was so blurry it would not do it any justice… darn my shaking hands!)


Chocolate Milkshake
Macros (Powder): 31g 110cal 0F 4C 23P 2fiber
Smell: In package reminded me of malt shop chocolate shake and a bit like ovalteen
Taste: the powder mixed really thick for the beltsander brownie so i heated it for 66seconds but it was under cooked, i put it in for an additional 22seconds and it came out a bit spongy/thick pudding like texture with a semi sweet chocolate flavor but it was still good. i think if i heated it for a total of 99seconds it would of been perfect.

Picture0809150946_4 Picture0809150946_3

Macros (Powder): 28g 100cal 0F 3C 21P <1fiber 
Smell: In package it smells like laffy taffy and taste a little bit like a banana muffin
Taste: heated for 88 seconds and then 22 seconds, it overflowed a little but it came out perfectly. it taste like a mix between banana pancake and a strawberry banana shake but that’s because i added strawberries. taste great. i added peanut butter and i swear Elvis would shed a tear of joy and i am all shook up on this. XD


Peanut Butter
Macros (Powder): 30g 110cal 1F 2C 23P 1fiber
Smell: In package it smells like peanut butter toffee and taste like powdered peanut butter
Taste: heated it for 88 sec then 22 sec and it came out perfectly. it smelled like a peanut butter cookie, has a good peanut butter cookie taste that is not overly strong and not weak.  As always i put peanut butter on top and it made this tasty treat into a heavenly treat.


Strawberries & Cream
Macros (Powder): 28g 100cal 0F 3C 21P <1fiber
Smell: In package smells like strawberry Nesquick milk
Taste:I cooked it for 99 seconds, it still had a soft bread/ pudding texture, i think i will try the next one for 110 seconds or 1 min 50sec. It smelled like a strawberry muffin and tasted like a mix between strawberry shortcake and a strawberry muffin with strawberry frosting. YUM!. I put peanut butter on top and fell in love. It is not a pb&j its a J&pb and just wonderful.


Overall: at the very end i learned that the beltsander needs to be heated it for 88 seconds and then an additional 22 seconds and that each of these flavors are great and taste even better with peanut butter XD

If you have tried the Quest Protein Powders please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

Please feel free to provide feedback and rate on how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you.


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