Edible Insects / Bugs Reviews (2 Different Packs)



Chocolate Dipped Crickets and Larvets
Taste white chocolate: larvet reminds me of a white chocolate kit-kat bar, cricket reminds me of white chocolate covered granola bite
Tony Kent white chocolate: cricket yum! these taste like kit-kat bars
Taste milk chocolate: Larvet taste like a melted crunch bar that was left out in the sun, cricket taste like a stale kit kat bar.
Tony Kent milk chocolate:it reminds me of a kit-kat bar you would never of none there were bugs in these, i wish i had a giant one to eat. these were by far my favorite besides the Mexican spiced ones.


Crick-ettes (Salt ‘N Vinegar)
Smell: like salt and vinegar
Taste: very salty for me, but still has popcorn/ sunflower seed texture
Tony Kent: it taste like a very sour wheat thin


Crick-ettes  (Sour Cream ‘N Onion)
Smell: has no aroma
Taste: has the taste and texture of slightly burned popcorn with no sour cream and onion flavor.
HawkMan: It taste just like popcorn, it is good.
Tony Kent: reminds me of wheat thins, these are good


Larvets (Mexican Spice)
Smell: like cayenne pepper.. made me cough i took a neap sniff
Taste: like slightly hot bbq pop chips, yum!! my favorite of the group (i had to fight to get the bag back from tony, i was not willing to freely give these away)
Tony Kent:its like a spicy Doritos chip


Larvets (BBQ)
Smell: has no aroma
Taste: it has a bit of a peppery taste and texture of the outer popped kernels of popcorn
Hawkman:  I agree it is peppery and reminds me of popcorn kernels.
Tony Kent: its kind of like a spicy wheat thin, i think this would make a good cereal, just needs milk


If you have tried the EDIBLE INSECTS ULTIMATE SAMPLER PACK  please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

Chocolate-Covered Edible Bugs Gift Pack Review

Chocolate-Covered Edible Scorpions
Taste : It did not remind me of anything but had a weird aftertaste to me.
Tony Kent: was highly disappointed with the taste and texture of it.

Chocolate-Covered Edible Superworms
Taste : It reminds me of chocolate covered pretzels
Tony Kent:  agreed with me and liked that it tasted like chocolate covered pretzels, it is one of his favorite snacks.

Chocolate-Covered Edible Silkworms
Taste : It reminds me of chocolate covered puffed rice cereal
Tony Kent: taste like chocolate covered puff cereal

If you have tried the Chocolate-Covered Edible Bugs Gift Pack please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

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