Simply Indulgent Gourmet Bite Cookies Reviews

Simply Indulgent Gourmet  Bite sized cookies can be found at TJmaxx or Marshalls in their food section at the back of the store.

Simply Indulgent Gourmet Chocolate Chip Dough Bite Cookies

Macros: 28g 110cal 5F 15C 1P 0fiber (picture is of 1 serving)

Smell: it smells like very freshly cooled chocolate chip cookies

Taste unmodified: It taste like cookie dough but has the texture of a very soft chocolate chip cookie, and the mixture between the two is an amazing sensation that makes it hard to stop eating them.

Overall: these little cookies are highly addictive and to die for! I have had random co-workers tell me how amazing they were since i left the bag at my desk. (almost forgot these can be found at TJ-Maxx or Marshalls)

Tony Kent: these are good. nothing too special just like a normal cookie.

Fawkes: Screamed in delight seeing the bag, and said that these are amazingly exceptional and are too good to be healthy and that she would eat 10lbs of it if she had the chance.

LadyDragon: These are very good!


Simply Indulgent Gourmet Chocolate Fudge Bite Cookies

Macros: 28g 100cal 4.5F 13C 1P 1fiber (picture is of 1 serving)

Smell: it smells like fresh brownies

Taste unmodified: It taste like a mix between a double chocolate cookie and a brownie, but not too sweet, has a nice balance between milk and dark chocolate flavor.

Overall: the taste is wonderful and the texture is soft, moist, and melts in your mouth richness, these can be highly addictive.

Tony Kent: Tastes like a chips ahoy dream. If only I had some milk #childhoodnostalgia

Fawkes: these were excellent, i cannot decide which one is better between the chocolate chip and this one, they are equally as great.

LadyDragon: Yummm. They are delish. I could seriously eat a whole bag of them and it makes me happy that they are healthy and don’t contain a lot of calories. They honestly don’t even take like they are healthy.


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One thought on “Simply Indulgent Gourmet Bite Cookies Reviews

  1. This company is a rip-off, I don’t know about these almond tea cookies, but I bought their coconut macaroons and I couldn’t been more disappointed, the taste is the worst I’ve ever tried. Moreover:
    1) I should get a refund for false advertising. The picture on the box shows inviting, round and irregular-shaped macaroons that looks like home-made. Inside, you will find the same flat, medallion-shaped, and almost burned cookies
    2) they state “all natural ingredients”. Here are some of the ingredients: propylene glycol, sodium metabisulfite, niacin, thiamine mononitrate… should I continue?
    3) the writing on the box is disgustingly false: “one bite takes you on a trip to paradise”, “delicious handcrafted macaroons made with the utmost of care”, “texture of coconut for your everyday indulgence”, “feel the tropical essence”. THEY TASTE LIKE CHEMICALS!!!!


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