Enlightened “The good-for-you ice cream” Sandwiches Review

I wanted to say thank you to my friend who picked these up for me before she made the 2 hour drive to visit me. You are amazing and one of the greatest people I know!

Enlightened  “The good-for-you ice cream” sandwiches

Label advises: 110cal, Low fat, 5g sugar, 7P, High Fiber and No artificial sweetener.
Inside panel advises: Let the ice cream temper for 2-3 minutes for best flavor, and also has a free shipping coupon code for buying a sampler box of the Crisps. Code: spillthebeans

Vanilla Bean

Macros: 69g 110cal 2F 23C 7P 5fiber

Ice cream: it was still a bit solid after letting it sit out for 5 minutes, the vanilla flavor is nice, light and not too sweet.

Cookie: It sticks to your fingers and the wrapper a bit so be prepared to get a little dirty. The chocolate is semi sweet and has a slight cinnamon and graham cracker taste to it,

Overall: it looks like the SkinnyCow Ice cream sandwiches but it has to be left out for about 5-6 minutes to defrost since it cannot be eaten straight out of the freezer. yes you have to wait a little longer to eat but it taste amazing.  I compared the two nutritional wise and Enlightened are the same size but has less calories, less carbs, higher protein and higher fiber. A winner in my book!



Macros: 69g 110cal 2F 23C 7P 5fiber

Smell: it has a wonderful mint smell that comes from it, makes you think of thin mint cookies and Andes mints all at the same time.

Ice Cream: It is still a bit hard in the center but still bite-able without struggle, it taste like a mix between Andes mints but in ice cream form and like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Either way it is good to me!

Cookie: it is meting a bit, sticks to the fingers and wrapper so it will be a bit messy, the chocolate cookie still remains solid and has a semi sweet fudge taste to it.

Overall: This was amazing, i loved every bite of it. i am slightly allergic to mint but this does not hurt me and i am super happy that i can enjoy this healthy desert.


If you have tried the Enlightened Ice Cream Sandwiches please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

Please feel free to provide feedback on how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you.


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