Country House Sesame & Nuts with Chia & Flaxseed review

Country House Sesame & Nuts with Chia & Flaxseed

This was a full sized item that i received from July Urthbox (coupon code: august10off)

Macros: 28g 150cal 10F 13C 4P 3fiber (picture represents 1 serving)

Smell: it smells like a bag of nuts but with an mysterious inviting aroma.

Taste unmodified: the sesame is most apparent with a peanut aftertaste but there are hints of other nuts.

Overall: the the taste leaves me a bit confused, each cube is actually soft and chewy but appears to be hard. After having a few pieces i am still drawn to keep eating in order to figure out each mysterious flavor that appears throughout chewing it.

Tony Kent: took a sniff of the bag and gave me a wide eyed grin before saying “That’s Fun”. He took out a piece and ate it smiling saying that he thinks a squirrel should be eating these and that he loves them and that they have a burst of peanut goodness. then he took the bag hostage and refused to give it back. XD

Fawkes: I will pass i am not a nut person, only sometimes i may eat pistachios.

LadyDragon: I will pass, i am avoiding flax


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