ANS Performance DILATE Powder Grape Blast Review

ANS Performance DILATE Powder

Stim-Free Pre-Workout Powder for Incredible Pumps*
An Advanced Nitric Oxide Plasma & Muscle Volumizing Supplement

Product Claims:
Featuring: HydroMax™, AgmaPure® & AmentoPump®
Prolong Endurance and Skin-Splitting Pumps*
Elevate Nitric Oxide Production*
Increase Performance*
Caffeine and Creatine Free

Flavor: Grape which is very light though i am diluting it, but it is not bad either (i will be trying the fruit fusion soon)

Serving:  I used about 3/4 of the tiny scoop with 16oz of water, drank half of it for quick morning workout (15 reps,1 circuit of 7 different movements) and then i drink the other half when i get home for a full on work out.

My experience: I have tried this 2 days in a row now. i noticed that it kicked in during the middle of my work out (instructions say to take it 15-30 minutes before working out but i do everything at home) where i felt a slight burning sensation in my best making me wonder if i have been holding my breath, but the burning sensation last maybe 2 minutes. I found myself being able to do more reps/ circuits before stopping to take a breather. i also found that i wanted to push harder and do more when my work out finished where normally i am laying on my back staring at the ceiling happy that i was done.

Overall:  i am very pleased with the effects, i found my endurance went up, any soreness i had before working out went away and at night i am still able to fall asleep at my normal bed time. I am super happy i found this and gave it a try!!


Picture is of a 5 serving sampler i bought from

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