Zucchini Version of the Beltsander Brownie aka Protein Mug Cake Recipe

So after i did the Pumpkin version, i thought why not try zucchini.  i figured i would try another substitution in a recipe that i have on a daily basis from watching the youtuber Brittany Lesser.

zucchini belt

The total Macros 243cal 20C 5F 36P 8fiber. (without the peanut butter)

Pretty much mix all of it together in a mug that you pre-sprayed with pam. Below is what it looks like before it is mixed up.. ewww XD


After a lot of experimentation with the Myprotein powder i found that it takes 88 seconds to heat up in the microwave.Due to the zucchini i had to heat it for an additional 33 seconds before i checked on it again.  It still was not done so i nuked it for another 11 seconds.  I took it out of the microwave and let it sit for 10 minutes because it was extremely hot and then i  topped it with the myprotein peanut butter.


Final result after i took it to my room to devour but it is pretty much like a lava cake 🙂


Final thought on result: I think i added too much milk to it, since the zucchini is watery on its own i think i should of omitted the milk or maybe only did .5 oz of milk.  Other than that this was extremely filling which surprised me since it is very hard for me to get full. i had a hard time finishing it.

If you give this recipe a try or changed it up, please let me know how it turned out for you.


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