Page Face Lift and Your opinion is needed.

Greetings My Friends,

I gave this page a makeover today and i was curious on what you thought about it.  Also i would like to take suggestions on foods or maybe products that you would like for me to try and give reviews on.

As for what is to come in the next few weeks, i will be doing actual non-edible product reviews that will be coming from PINCHme box, Bzzagent items and/or items i have gotten out of my own curiosity.

I do plan on doing themed reviews once i empty all my cupboards of items i impulse purchased, but i am working on trying to try 1 new item a day though if it is part of a collection I will wait until all items that i have of the collection are tried before sharing them with you since i figure you want 1 big post with my short and sweet reviews instead of 5 or 6 individual ones.

I have ideas on a few things that i want to try, so i would love any and all feedback on what you would like to see first since i do plan on doing them all eventually.

My Ideas:

  1. Gluten-free foods
  2. Vegan foods
  3. organic items found in specialty stores
  4. different nut butters and flavored nut butters
  5. insects non-chocolate covered and chocolate covered (i know this is a big eww factor for a lot of people)
  6. international items that i can find locally
  7. foods from places that i travel to (if i ever travel XD)
  8. Frozen meals (if and only if it meets all my criteria)

So if you have any other ideas that i might have not thought of at the time of typing this please PLEASE share yours with me.


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