Matt’s Munchies Review and the July Urthbox

July UrthBox arrived! wooot! (yes i know i waited to post this til August.. booo!!)

Looks at all the nice treats!!


So from the picture above, i figured i will be doing a collection of reviews on IPS Chips, i had to give away the energy drink in the picture since i am very sensitive to caffeine and don’t consume anything that is caffeinated (how to i survive? that is a puzzle i have yet to figure out.) XD Though Tony Kent told me he loved it and was getting a bit of the jitters from it.. i am not sure that is a good thing but he seemed happy.

Review time!

Matt’s Munchies Organic Fruit Snack  Banana Coconut

Macros: 100cal 28g 2.5F 18C 1P 2fiber  (these are vegan and gluten-free)

Smells: Has a very light banana smell but the coconut aroma is stronger.

Taste: it absolutely wonderful banana flavor that dominates over the coconut. the coconut adds a more crunchy feel to it.

Overall: this is a wonderful adults fruit snack that i used as a good pre-work out snack.

LadyDragon: The Coconut Fruit Snack is Delish. Love it. I love both those flavors and them together is awesome.

Tony Kent: It smells and taste like a pina colada and reminds me of the beach


Please feel free to provide feedback on how helpful this review was for you or if there are any additional things you would like me to include in order to make the reviews better for you.


5 thoughts on “Matt’s Munchies Review and the July Urthbox

    • I paid for a 6 month subscription of the Mini Diet box with a discount code a while ago, so it only cost me $44. (it auto renews on its own) when i get my next box i will post a discount code. So far i love the items i have received. the items are usually full sized packages of the items that you can find in stores. In all honesty i actually like this box more that my lovewithfood box since it offers more of a variety.

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