Xtreme Protein32 Bar Reviews

xtreme protein32
(Attention: this is a collection of my older Instagram posts)

xtreme protein32 peanut crunch
Macros: 82g 9F 32C 32P 9fiber
Smells: like a butter finger bar
Taste Unmodified: tasteless 😦
Taste Heated: nice warm peanut butter brownie-ish texture where chocolate takes over.

xtreme protein32 fudge brownie
Macros: 82g 7F 29C 32P 10fiber
Smells: ok (geeze really descriptive here…very disappointed in myself)
Taste Unmodified: taste is bland and light chocolate flavor.
Taste Heated: nice chocolate mess but tastes more like a brownie and taste much better.

If you have tried any of the xtreme protein32 bars please leave a comment and share your experience with it.


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