Thin Slim Foods Reviews

Thin Slim Foods Reviews
(Attention: this is one of my older Instagram posts)

I purchased the sample pack but i was unable to get to try all the products in a timely manner. I had kept the items in the fridge when i should of put the items i didn’t try in 1 day into the freezer.
Thin Slim Foods Bread Plain
(I tried mine with banana,crunchy peanut butter and pancake syrup)
Macros: 1 slice is 1oz/28.2g 2F 8C 7P 7fiber
Smells: like normal bread
Taste: i had toasted mine and made this open faced snack 3 times in one day. it tasted great but way too much fiber. i would suggest that you do not over do it and stick to 1-2 slices in a day but not over do it like i did. i had 6 in one day XD

Thin Slim Foods almond square
Macros: 2oz 40cal 1F 20C 6P 8fiber I feel that the macros are off.
Smells: has a very strong fake vanilla smell and is squishy that makes the sound of a wet sponge
Taste: i took one bite and was unable to finish it and the thought of trying to finish it made me sick.

Thin Slim Foods chocolate glazed cookie
Macros: 98g is 45cal 1F 34C 6P 22fiber i feel that the macros are a bit off
Taste: The are dry and dense. soft yet a bit chewy. reminds me of eating a stale biscuit but not being rubbery or hard to chew. the chocolate glaze flavor is non existent but adds a sweetness to it.

If you have tried the Slim Thin Foods products please leave a comment and share your experience with it.


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