Met-RX Prime Protein Bar Collection Review (3/4 flavors)

Met-RX Prime Protein Bar Collection reviews of 3 out of the 4 flavors
(Attention: this is a collection of my older Instagram posts and the pictures are super blurry pictures)

Met-Rx Prime Chocolate Brownie
Macros: 65g 4.5F 29C 20P 12fiber
Smells: is more apparent after heating where it smells more like a brownie
Taste Unmodified: bad tasting brownie with weird prune aftertaste. very dry and chewy.
Taste Heated: smells more like a brownie but majority chocolate flavor went away and prune flavor got stronger.

Met-Rx Prime Peanut Butter Banana
Macros: 65g 5F 29C 20P 12fiber
Smells: like a banana
Taste Unmodified: hard as a rock but the banana and peanut butter flavors blended nicely.
Taste Heated: still very chewy but tasted like toasted pb&banana sandwich that would make Elvis proud.

Met-Rx Prime Strawberries & Cream
Macros: 65g 4F 29C 20P 12fiber
Smells: smells like a milk shake
Taste Unmodified: taste like the strawberry banana.
Taste Heated: taste like banana laffy taffy.
Overall: I am curious where the banana came from, its called strawberries & cream XD

If you have tried any of the Met Rx Prime Protein Bar flavors please leave a comment and share your experience with it.


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