Protein Fluff aka Protein Ice cream Recipe

Protein Fluff aka Protein Ice cream Recipe
(Attention: this is one of my older Instagram posts)
This is a great poverty macro desert that also helps you get in some micro-nutrients.
Macros: For the entire bowl!!! 19C 2F 23P 6fiber
2-2.5oz milk of choice (i used silk vanilla unsweetened almond milk)
159g frozen strawberries
30g protein powder (I used trutein chocolate truffle)
Place strawberries into blender and blend a tiny bit to break up the strawberries just a little bit and then put in protein powder and milk (you might not need to add all of the milk, try adding in 1 oz at a time) and blend until everything is mixed well and becomes a nice thick consistency. Scoop out the protein fluff/ ice cream into a bowl and then eat as is or include toppings of choice.

(optional toppings: reddi whip, jetpuffed mini marshmallows, waldenfarms chocolate dip, ect)
Note: toppings are not included in macros since they are subject to change

If you give this recipe a try please let me know how it came out and/or if you did anything different.


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