High Protein Low Carb Pancake Recipe

High Protein Low Carb Pancake Recipe
(Attention: this is one of my older Instagram posts)
This is a very basic pancake batter recipe. It is perfect for people on poverty macros.

Recipe Makes 2 large pancakes (can also be used as waffle batter)
Macros: 8C 2F 33P
34g Protein powder (I used trutein cinnabun)
2 large egg whites
40g greek yogurt
.5tsp baking powder
2oz vanilla unsweetend almond milk.
(optional : cinnamon, fruit, ect)

Mix all the ingredients together and then cook as you normally would make pancakes.
Once done, feel free to use any toppings of your choice or even turn it into a massive sandwhich like I did. XD
I am very impatient and use two of the same sized pans and make both pancakes at the same time. I need to invest in a griddle …eventually 😀 I took my 2 pancakes and then turned it into large peanut butter and jelly delight!

If you give this recipe a try please let me know how it came out and/or if you did anything different.


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