Halo Top Ice Cream Collection Reviews (so far)

Halo Top Ice Cream reviews

There are only 3 flavors located in stores near me so this is what i was able to find so far.

Halo Top Ice Cream Chocolate
(Attention: this is one of my older Instagram posts)
Macros: 71g 60cal 2F 14C 6P 5fiber
Taste: like old fashioned malt chocolate and is extremely better than arctic zero. A must buy!

Halo Top Ice Cream Vanilla
Macros: 70g 70cal 3F 12C 7P 4fiber
Taste: It started off a bit powdery on the tongue but after letting it melt a little bit more the powdery feeling went away . Though the wonderful vanilla flavor with the vanilla bean specs was absolutely delightful.


Halo Top Ice Cream Lemon Cake
Macros: 71g 60cal 2F 14C 8P 5fiber
Taste: I don’t know how to say it but I just want to start singing beyonce’s halo while eating this. It is by far the best lemon flavored food I have found. The fiber one lemon bars run in as a good second place.

If you have tried the Halo Top Ice Cream’s please leave a comment and share your experience with it.


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