Arctic Zero Collection Review (so far)

Arctic Zero Collection Review (so far)
(Attention: this is a collection of my older Instagram posts)

Arctic Zero Cookie Dough Chip
Macros: 70g 1.5F 12C 3P
Taste: has a simple vanilla flavor to it and pretty much the cookie dough bites are the only reason I liked this.
Overall: my favorite so far

Arctic Zero Purely Chocolate
Macros: 60g 0F 7C 3P 2fiber.
Taste: i was surprised that this did not taste as bad as the other flavors. it has a gentle chocolate malt ball taste to it that made me think of overly diluted ovaltine. i can admit i finished this off without topping it with everything i could find.

Arctic Zero Chocolate Peanut Butter
(sorry no picture)
Macros: 70g 35cal 0F 7C 3P 2fiber
Taste: highly artificial peanut butter and chocolate flavor. I had to force myself to finish it by using everything I could find to mask the taste. (I regretted forcing myself to finish this off)

Arctic Zero Cookie Shake
(Sorry no picture )
Macros: 70g 35cal 0F 7C 3P 2fiber
Taste: this is a very unpleasant tasting ice cream, doesnt taste like cookies and cream or anything really. I did not eat any more of it past the first bite. I put it in my sink and let the hot water wash it down the drain.

Strangley enough, even though I have not really enjoyed the Arctic Zero flavors I still want to try the Key Lime Pie , Buttery Pecan, and Salted Caramel flavors. I have yet to come across them at any of the stores near me but I will keep an eye out.
If you have tried any of the Arctic Zero Ice Cream flavors please leave a comment and share your experience with it.

** Update** You cam view the reviews of Key Lime Pie and Buttery Pecan here.


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