Pure Protein Bar S’mores Review

Pure Protein Bar S’mores Review

Macros: 50g 200cal 5F 19C 19P 0fiber

Smell: it smells like a s’mores with maybe a hint of coffee

Taste unmodified: I tried to bend/ break it in half but it would not budge. It was VERY very Very chewy, took a good minute trying to chew my first bite. It was hard to pin point the flavors due to excessive chewing. L

Taste heated (work): Much easier to eat and the graham cracker and marshmallow flavors became more apparent and the melted chocolate flavor faded into the background.

Overall: It looked horrible but I think that is due to it being shipped to me in 90 degree weather and the excessive chewiness was a bit too much to handle, but once it was heated things got a lot better.  Would I buy this again? Unfortunately, I will not.


Keep an eye out I will be trying multiple S’mores flavored items and maybe decide which one is a winner to me.

If you have tried the Pure Protein Bar S’mores please leave a comment and share your experience with it.


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