Welcome! This is the 411 on what is going to happen!

To start things off i just want to provide I very quick overview on what is to come.  I like to be straight forward and cut to the chase of things. I have tried reading other peoples reviews of items and it is in very long paragraphs and i realize i lose interest and stop reading. i am not sure if you have the same issue but i want the honest truth and i don’t want it sugar coated. So that is what i will provide to you.

Since i follow the IIFYM lifestyle i will be providing basic macro (Nutritional) information as follows:

Single serving size in grams or ounces, grams Fat, grams Carbs, grams Protein, grams fiber (on newer ones i plan on including the calories)

I will go over what the items smells like fresh out of the package and take a picture of the item next to the wrapper/packaging it formally was in. (I plan on including a ruler or something next to the item in order to provide more accurate representation on the size of the item.)

I will go over the taste of the item unmodified first and then heat the item for 15 seconds (Work Microwave is 1000Wats non rotating) or 10 seconds (Home Microwave 1100wats rotating) and advise if the smell or taste had changed of the item.  Though if i haven’t completely devoured the item by then and if i am at home at the time of the tasting i will include how the item differs if it is baked.

If i get a large packaged item that has multiple servings i will share it with my co-workers and get their opinion of the item as well and share it with you.

Rundown of people reviewing and how their taste-buds work:

1: Me (Corliss) 30 year old female who will try anything as not as I am allergic to it.

spicy foods:I love spicy food, the hotter the better, i constantly put crushed red pepper on all my foods. Dependent on my mood i sometimes add 2-3 different types of heat to my food like: crushed red pepper along with TacoBell Fire sauce (has lowest sodium) and sometimes i also add Texas Pete to it so i get a trifecta of different heat. Also, on occasion if i have a jar handy i will put sliced jalapeno peppers on my food along with my other favorites.

sweet foods: I love chocolate, since going clean eating years ago i no longer like regular milk chocolate but love dark chocolate that is 70% cocoa or higher but i still enjoy a few lower percentages like Hershey’s special dark chocolate. White chocolate still has its own special place in my heart but i don’t go out of my way to buy it. I love fruits, candies, ice creams, caramel… pretty much anything of decent quality. Though most recently i cannot handle cookies that are coated in powdered sugar, it gives me a weird nail’s on a chalk board feeling,

sour foods: I cannot handle sour foods and refrain from putting salt on anything, if it has salt on it i will brush as much as i can off it..  But i do love lemon and key lime flavored foods, but i think that is more tart with a lot of sweetness.

Savory foods:  I am down for it as long as the sodium is low and doesn’t smell like crapola.

Coffee:  I dislike the smell and taste of it, i technically cannot have it because it gives me heart palpitations.

2: Tony Kent (co-worker) is young athletic male who likes exotic, new experiences when it comes to foods. Refers to himself as a bottomless pit with no standards.

spicy foods: Likes spicy foods

sweet foods:  not into them

sour foods: only if it is mixed with sweet foods

Savory foods:  steaks are awesome along with anything else that is well seasoned.

Coffee: prefers iced black coffee and frequents dunkin’ donuts


3: Fawkes (co-worker) young female who is not into trying out new foods but gives into my persistent offerings of food.

Spicy foods:  i am not a huge fan of spice; mild sauces can sometimes be too much.

Sweet foods: i love milk chocolate

Sour Foods: I don’t hate them, i like sour patch stuff but warheads can be too much. Lemon can be ok at times.

Savory foods: crabs, shrimp, pizza, Chinese, mac and cheese, potato anything

my hiericy of ‘foods’ is: seafood, pizza, chocolate, Chinese, tacos

Coffee: i like strong coffee. generally plain flavors, unless there’s like a splash of french vanilla, i prefer curry donuts hot coffee. dunkin donuts iced coffee (only in the summer)

4: LadyDragon (co-worker): is am a mom….. always looking for Healthy alternatives to eating. I try to stick with foods that are high in protein and no carbs or minimal Carbs…Love FOOD…. Ha ha Love trying new things.

Spicy foods: I enjoy as long as the spicy does not over take the flavor. Mexican is one of my Favorite type of foods.

Sweet foods: I like but try to stay away from.

Sour foods: I like if we are talking Sweet and Sour Chicken. 🙂

Savory foods: Like.

Coffee: Decaf Only because I have a sensitivity to caffeine.


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