MyProtein Beltsander Brownie aka Protein Mug Cake Recipe and review

I figured why not start things off with a recipe and a review all in one! I got inspiration for the recipe from Brittany Lesser.

dinner totals

The total Macros 305cal 18C 11F 38P 6fiber.

Pretty much mix all of it together in a mug that you pre-sprayed with pam. Below is what it looks like before it is mixed up.. ewww XD


After a lot of experimentation with the Myprotein powder i found that it takes 88 seconds to heat up in the microwave. I took it out of the microwave and immediately topped it with the myprotein peanut butter.


If you can see below the mug is a AAA battery to give you an idea on how big the cup is. it is pretty much a bowl with a handle.

Final result after i took it to my room to devour (very dark picture.. sorry) but it is pretty much like a lava cake 🙂


Now for the review time!!!


MyProtein Chocolate Caramel  whey protein powder:  very unsatisfied! it has a very light chocolate flavor and i can’t even taste the caramel 😦  the first time i made a mug cake i did not include the maple stevia drops and it was not sweet at all and just no chocolate flavor at all… just unacceptable.  Also after 2 weeks of opening and closing the resealable bag, the zip seal broke today so i now have a binder clip to keep the powder fresh.

MyProtein stevia flavor drops in maple flavor:  smells amazing and taste just as great. Just 6-8 drops of it saved the mug cake from the debbie downer of the party (chocolate caramel whey) I had never had flavor drops before but i am officially addicted to these.

MyProtein Peanut Butter: well what can i say the only ingredients is peanuts, it is all natural and just requires a bit of stirring before you eat it which i am A-OKay with.  It is perfect and for a great price for a 40oz jar this was an amazing deal.

If you decide to purchase these from please feel free to use my referral code: MP32036468

Please let me know if you try this recipe and/or if you had a different experience with any of these products.


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