About me and why i am here

The birth of CorlissTriedIt :

Started my journey 5 years ago (2010) when i was 180lbs  5’4 and my life began to fall apart. A fire was lit under my arse and i had to over come all my fears. Started off  trying to lose weight without researching it properly and started with the with starving myself which is never the correct way to go. zi then did other dumb decisions by only eating top roman and then following whichever food plan was popular at the time. There was a lot of instances where i would return to starvation until i finally decided i would take the time and research how to properly lose weight and eat healthy (by this time i was very fatigued and always hungry). Through my research i went  paleo for 6 months but i was not happy with some of the food restrictions and that i had to spend more on specialty items. I switched over to clean eating  which i still follow 90% of the time and found carb cycling to help surpass my plateaus but it interfered with social occasions that always seemed to be on my low carb days. Ad for now i am following IIFYM as a clean eater and loving it.

Since then i have been working on coming out of my shy shell and grow a back bone so i can stand up for myself. I primarily work out at home since i am too shy to be around people in a gym. I currently follow people on youtube as a source of inspiration and be an invisible best friend and supporter of them since i am shy on speaking up.

In this past year I have become tired of saying no and decided it was time to take a step out of my security bubble and start experiencing what the world has to offer.

With this new found passion I want to try out everything that crosses my path whether it be food or non edible products. I share them with my co-workers and my friend Rex talked me into sharing my experiences with you also.
There will be guest reviews from my co-workers: Tony Kent and Fawkes. (These are Nick Names they have chosen.)

Most recent info about me:

5 months ago (March 2015) i slipped a disk that pinched a nerve, i was pretty much being a stereotypical bride to be trying to get in best physical shape and pretty much hurt myself so badly that 1 week before the wedding i saw as many doctors as i could just so i could walk normal and not like the hunchback of Nostre dame. Luckily physical therapy saved me and my wedding.  During my recovery time i restricted my calories to where i dropped down to 114lbs and i know most of it was muscle. Since i have been slowly incorporating very low impact exercise; i have regained weight and muscle!

So best thing i can advise anyone is to never give up and keep pushing!

If you are interested in learning more about IIFYM please visit iifym.com it is extremely helpful.

I am open to any and all questions, comments, suggestions, and hearing your story as well!


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